Chemistry 302

University of Texas

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Main Units for CH302

5. Physical Equilibria

Equilibria of the physical states of matter. Thermodynamics of the dissolved state (aqueous). Solubility equilibria

6. Aqueous Equilibria

Equilibrium in water. Weak acids and bases, pH, buffers, titrations, and indicators.

7a. Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear reactions and processes.

7b. Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry - complexes, ligands, and reactions.

7c. Chemical Kinetics

Chemical kinetics - the rates of chemical reactions. Reaction mechanisms. Reaction coordinates.

8. Electrochemistry

Reduction / oxidation or redox reactions. Electrochemical cells. Standard Electrical Potentials. Batteries.

Other Supplemental Units and Background

0. Fundamentals

The fundamentals of chemistry consists of nomenclature, stoichiometry, and basic reaction calculations.